10 Beautiful Living Room Designs For Inspiration
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10 Beautiful Living Room Designs For Inspiration

You are going to collect your keys soon but have no idea how to design your home?

This article will show you 10 living room designs that will help in your home renovation.

1. The Minimalist Look

The minimalist trend is increasingly being adopted by home owners as it provides a simple, elegant and clutter-free space that allows you to make every piece stand out.Using unique pieces in corners and accentuating walls and ceilings is a great way to pull off this look like the picture below.

2. Function Meets Aesthetics

We all have multi-purpose spaces that we arrive at by default such as using the dining area as a temporary work space. However, this tends to create clutter and is not very comfortable. Using dividers or furniture such as a long desk to create beautiful multi-functional spaces are a great way to get more from your space without sacrificing aesthetics.

3. Luxury for huge spaces

A large living room can be hard to decorate properly without getting a hallway feel. Luxurious furniture such as a large sofa set in exquisite leather and a large uniquely shaped coffee table will help fill the space beautifully. Use lighting to envelope the space and a fluffy carpet to make it feel homier.

4. Creating contrast

Another beautiful way to decorate a large space is to create contrast. Use subtly contrasting colors to avoid having a stark cold house. Use a gray carpet, black side tables and two-toned pillows on white leather seats to create a calm beautiful space that doesn’t overwhelm or under-use the space.

5. Feature Walls

Feature walls are the best way to create the illusion of space and are a great way to create more storage space or framing beautiful mementos. Try and use colors in the same family when using this technique to tie the room together and keep it classy.

6. Create The Perfect Space

From cabinets to custom dining tables and seats, statement pieces are a great way to infuse your living room with your personality, make it stand out and create the perfect space that you will be proud to call home. The secret to this is to make the statement piece the focus and then find pieces to go with it to avoid overwhelming your space. The cabinet below is the perfect example and is also multi-purpose providing more value.

7. Open-Plan Living

An open living room design is great for everyone from the busy career person, large families and even the minimalist-inclined. Use the same color in all the rooms to create flow with slight contrast on one wall or in a few strategically-placed pieces. Below is a great example of how to pull this off.

8. Muted Tones

Muted tones are also ideal for open-living and large spaces as they create ambience that fills the room. Greys, browns and creams complement each other perfectly and make decorating and cleaning a breeze.

9. Black For Elegant

Black may not be the first décor color choice except for the truly bold but it is a beautiful color that is easy to complement and creates an elegant sophisticated space. Use black on seats, throw pillows, cabinets and your entertainment wall or a carpet for the best look. You can even use ombre if you are not ready to go full out.

10. Focal Points

Having focal points for each space is an easy way to decorate as all other pieces just need to complement the item you have chosen. These can be the TV for the living room or a cabinet or art piece for the dining area. It’s also a great way to showcase your taste and make the space truly yours.

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