10 Space Saving Tricks For Small Rooms
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10 Space Saving Tricks For Small Rooms

You can make your small room look bigger if you properly plan your space. It is all about managing the space in the right way. The idea is to keep your room clutter free and use furniture that fits in right. Get the best designer furniture store in Singapore to enhance the decor of your small room.

Space management is not a rocket science; it just requires some effort from your end. If you live in a tiny apartment or any small space, you can follow these simple 10 space-saving tricks for small rooms. Read on and change the look of your sweet home.

1. Add an extra shelf

Simply add a small shelf above your door. Maximise the space above your bedroom door so that you can utilize it for keeping your extra things. From clothes to everyday needs, keep everything in one place. This is the best way to add extra space to your room and well it does not take up any additional space, so go ahead and make that change in your room.

2. Create Storage In Furniture

When you buy furniture for your small room, always buy it with added storage. If possible, you can create your own personalised storage for the room. Having additional drawers under your wardrobe or space under your bed will always be handy. Keep your extra stuff in these storage spaces so that your room remains clutter free. Baseboard drawers are always handy in bedroom and kitchen.

Do not waste any space and make your room look amazing as well. Place things that you use frequently in these storage drawers for easy access. This is indeed a great space saving trick. Bedside table lamps can also make your room look good.

3. Use The Area Under The Stairs

Utilize the area under the staircase to make use of it. Keep a small table and chair where your kids can study or you can write something you love.  You can also utilize it and make it your favourite reading corner. Play area for kids is also a good idea if you want to save space. Make it creative and add that extra spark in your room.

4. Install A Wall Dresser

You can save some added space by installing a dresser on your wall in your bedroom. Simply add the dresser to the wall and utilize the empty space in your room. By doing this, your room will be clutter free and you will save on the space.

Place the mirror on the wall dresser to get that amazing look for your room. Small changes can also make a big difference. Several designer furnitures stores has amazing furniture to suit your every need. Add a creative touch to your room and make your small room look amazing.

5. Use Drop Leaf Table Or Folding Table

Drop leaf tables or folding tables are perfect for small dining rooms. You need to install these tables according to your room space. Decorate the table with artifacts and make your room look authentic as well. Simply decorate your space to provide the much-needed functionality.

Drop leaf folded table actually looks amazing and enhances the decor of your living room. It can change the whole set up of your living room and make your room look clutter-free. Choose a design according to your theme.

6. Use Functional Furniture

Functional furniture is perfect for your kid’s bedroom. Simply add some build in drawers and cabinets to the bed to make room for that extra space for books and toys. Functional furniture not only looks good but it is always handy for your kids.

They can organize everything from books to toys at one place. Functional beds and drawers are available in pink and blue color; choose a theme that you love. Save on space by using this furniture in your bedroom to make it look amazing.

7. Entryway Cabinets

Place your shoes and coats in the entryway cabinets. Most people keep their entryway empty. But, it’s actually good to use that space so that you make additional space in your living room or bedroom. Place a cabinet in a smart way so that it does not look cluttered.

Utilize it as your shoe rack or simply keep things that you love. An entryway cabinet space can be utilized in a perfect way and it will help to save on lots of space. Personalize the color that you like for your cabinet storage.

8. Use Stair Drawers

The concept of stair drawers is not new but it can definitely help you to save lots of space. Especially, if you have space constraints in your living room and bedroom, then stair drawers can come handy for the situation.

Put all the things that make your room cluttered in these drawers and you are sorted. Make your small room look clutter free with this storage design. It is a perfect trick to save on your space.

9. Install Wall Sofa Or Wall Bed

Well, if your room is too small or too tiny, then this space storage trick is perfect for you. Simply install a wall sofa or a wall bed in your room for that extra space. Open it whenever you need it. Like, you can open a wall bed only at night while sleeping.

Or, use the sofa only when there are guests at your place. This will help to make your room clutter free and will help to save on the space. 

10. Use Stacked Chairs And Table

There are many options for stacked chairs and tables available today. Stacked furniture is always great for small spaces. Simply stack them and place them at the corner of your room. Utilize it when you require. You have wooden stacks and plastic stacks available.

Simply personalize the design according to the theme of your living room. Stacked furniture helps to save on space.

Follow the above space-saving tricks and make your small room look amazing. It’s all about the right space management and if you do it right, your room can look great.

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