[Actual Done Up] HDB BTO 4-Room Industrial @ Blk 470B Upper Serangoon Crescent
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[Actual Done Up] HDB BTO 4-Room Industrial @ Blk 470B Upper Serangoon Crescent

What you see here is the space the designer had to work with and turn it into a beautifully looking environment.

The space has all the tools and assets to be a modern, industrial looking apartment, with lots of light, several rooms and mirrors as separation.

The designer has used the mirrors to their full potential, and as you can see in the actual finished product, many things are left as they were, but they are improved.

As a contrast to the white and light space, the finished product has a touch of black elements, which brings out the effect of industrial-ness to the space.

The kitchen is spacious, and with a lots of room to work with, even comfortable to fit multiple people.

View the 3D of this project at http://id.com.sg/discussion/481/hdb-bto-4-room-industrial-blk-470b-upper-serangoon-crescent

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