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Scandinavian designs have been a consistent contender on this site and with the many things that you can do with this concept, it is no surprise that designs enjoy mixing Scandinavian interiors with other interesting aesthetics, as well. For today's post, we will be featuring a...

12377807_842551549184705_16506324724097176_oScandinavian and modern, minimalist designs for one's home have always been great as stand alone design concepts but when mixed together, surprisingly create something even more magical. This fusion of two very sought after designs creates a very beautiful, pristine and easy to manage home for anyone whether you have a big or a small family. 


The masters bedroom, although small is still a great space for anyone who has their own home. There is enough storage and ventilation.

It also has a walk-in wardrobe which is probably the best part about the entire house. It has more than enough space for clothes which is mostly a home owners biggest problem. 

13002602_1260269167333868_91482862015117255_o Need more space? See how the designer manage to transform this HDB 3-room flat into a spacious and beautiful home. If you look a little bit close, you will notice some interesting design ideas that you can also incorporate in your homes, as well.
12924503_940625299387763_5279921495232611287_n Keeping a contemporary home is actually very simple to do and with the presence of the right furniture and storage areas, it is very achievable. The advantage of contemporary design is it's timeliness.