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12719202_695690160572919_1484347455635866590_o Having artwork or photos in your home is a classic and timeless way to add character to your home. Whether it be photos that you've taken, artwork from your favorite artists or simply work that you've chosen out; there are a few ways to make these pieces compliment your home and the aesthetic that you are aiming for.
11201856_912642652186028_3455996995625600578_n White symbolizes many things like cleanliness and purity. It can also symbolize an organized home and at the same time give it the illusion of appearing bigger. Oftentimes, when white is used dominantly it can be a bit dull however, we will be sharing tips on how to still add a wow factor to your all white interior.
12419105_907164722730442_5779079520759122632_oEveryone wants to make their home more vibrant and welcoming and the use of prints are a sure way of achieving this goal. However, some home owners tend to overdo it and instead of making a home look better, it becomes a bit too overwhelming. So how can one make their home better through the use of prints and patterns?
12783778_1276180825731436_1169814678353579359_o Having high ceilings and having large windows are traditional ways of creating the illusion of larger spaces but not a lot of home owners know that nothing expands a homes space unlike a strategically placed mirror. This 4-room HDB BTO home was recently renovated to have a more condominium-like feel and by playing with mirrors, they were also able to make their home appear bigger and more spacious.
12747525_818690748237452_8688935092317908636_o Minimalistic or modern type homes have caught the attention of many home owners over the past years. In this entry, we will be showing some shots of a modern type home that mixes beautiful interiors with a modern twist.