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Small space to not have to feel small especially if you choose the right colors and interiors that not only compliment each other but also give an illusion of bigger space. This can be achieved by playing with contrasting colors and choosing furniture that does not appear to be too bulky. 

2 Urban homeowners these days are going for the straightforward design theme for their HDB apartments or condos. This is because modern Scandinavian homes are easier to maintain and more appealing to the eyes. The living area of this HDB for instance has all the elements of a modern Scandinavian design. No obstructions, all white and neutrals color scheme, and modern furnishings to make the whole area look tasteful without the basic and boring feel of an otherwise Scandinavian home. The rug and the window blinds added the texture to the space.
1 One of the many constraints of living in a HDB or a condo is the lack of space. Maximizing the little area that you have in order to come up with a comfortable and beautiful home is a common challenge for interior designers. What they do is to employ tricks of the trade to make a seemingly small space look more spacious than it actually is. This living area for example is obviously limited in space, yet the designer was able to make it look larger by using white as the main color scheme. White instantly enhances any space, and when complemented with a platform ceiling and appropriate lighting, the living area looks bigger and roomier than the original.