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1 The use of wood as the primary interior material for a home can be quite boring. There are only a few design themes that can go well with wood and most of them do not actually adapt well with the younger generation of homeowners. This apartment however was bold enough to combine wood and a more urban and hip design by injecting color here and there. The living area for example, made use of large colored posters that were on the floor instead of hanging on the wall. The use of a colorful sofa also gave life to the space and was even brightened up by two chic lamp stands.
1 Homeowners and designers go through several meetings just to collaborate on the perfect design of the house. Several options and layouts are presented as well as materials and color schemes that would best suit the design theme and personality of the owner. One of the most common materials used is wood and dark brown with its complementary colors as the color scheme. Brown however is a color that owners shy away from because it can look boring and old. This house proves otherwise, though. The living area is rich in dark wood carpentry and beige undertones. The look and finish then is very high-end as well as elegant. The TV wall made use of wood that is cut through by lines, elongating the look of the television while matching the dark brown console underneath. To make the whole area more appealing, a large sofa in light brown and a grey rug was incorporated.
1 Wood will forever be a staple material when constructing or designing a home. By using the right shade and wood finish, you are able to come up with a home that is stylish, elegant or simple.
1 Modern Scandinavian homes are fast becoming a popular trend among young homeowners and the design industry. There is a clamor for clean, unobstructed, simple yet modern and chic apartments that suit the lifestyle and personality of the owners. The living area of this flat is a great example of how the designer was able to make the Modern Scandinavian theme work well for the space. The usual white color scheme on light wood flooring is characteristic of the Scandinavian aspect. What made the living area look genuinely trendy is the carpet, the colored sofa and the TV wall done in bricks.
1 Modern Scandinavian apartments quite a few yet considered as one of the best designed homes whenever you ask an interior designer. This is because of the pristine yet urban feel the design concept exudes to anyone who steps into an apartment such as this. The living area of this 4-room HDB has all the elements of the Modern Scandinavian design. From the onset, one can automatically see that only the basic furnishings that are the essentials of Scandinavian concept complemented with pops of color at key areas make the space modern enough without looking too boring.