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1 This modern contemporary condo unit has lots of surprises for guest to marvel at. The living room alone looks quite large than it is because of the high ceiling that is further enhanced by the drop-chandelier. All the elements in this room complement each other, from the materials, color palette and furnishings. The TV feature wall is stark and basic and yet it manages to add texture and a strong sense of character to the living area.
1 More and more people are using the Scandinavian design in their homes because it is sleeker and streamlined in look and feel. There are times when homeowners tweak the concept to make the design more to their liking. This home fused both modern and Scandinavian themes to come up with a perfect looking apartment. The living room is absolutely fantastic. From the onset, you know that it is Scandinavian because it is straightforward. There are no decors, only the basic furnishings. White is also the major color used. What made it modern is the choice of color for the sofa and the carpet as well as the coffee table. The plants are the only decors to this area, just to ensure that there is no dead space.
1 One of the design secrets of interior designers in achieving a clean, streamlined, yet elegant look is to incorporate wood and carpentry into the home. There is a big difference when wood is the main material used, especially when partnered with the right color palette. The shoe cabinet looks more like a decorative cabinet than its main purpose. The use of white wood panels with black stripes made the storage area look better than ever. By having a hollow part in the middle and a small sofa at the side attached, the cabinet became multifunctional altogether. The door which is also made of wood completed the look of the whole space.
1 If it’s understated elegance that you’re aiming for in your home, look no further for inspiration. This apartment exudes simplicity and luxury in just about every area. This dining space for instance is lovely. The bench is built into the wall to save on space, while the wall is made of beautiful woodwork to add the texture. Big, white, soft seats make the small area look comfortable instead of bulky. When the terrace is open, space is extended, creating the feel of a bigger home.
1 Having a large family can be a challenge in terms of storage issues in any home. That is why the designer ensured that all areas of this apartment has several storage solutions and options for each family member to use. The living area alone has a lot of spacious shelves and cabinets. By using wood as the main material, the area looks stylish and modern. By installing all the cabinets at one side of the room, organization is instantly felt.