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Maximize the space of your apartment by creating compact yet stylish bedrooms that are comfortable yet practical at the same time. This bedroom looks installed into the wall. The platform helped create the illusion of more space even when it is already lacking. The use of black...

1 Making a small apartment appear bigger is the most challenging part of a designer’s job. This flat included. To make all areas of the home look larger, the designer employed several tricks that created depth and the illusion of space. The ceiling that connects to the TV feature wall is made deeper compared to the rest of the ceiling of the house. This in turn resulted to a look of bigger space in the living room. This was even fortified by the large windows that are covered by curtains and the use of white and cream as the main color palette.
1 Living rooms are the main attraction of any home. This is where the homeowner entertains his guests, that is why this area should be designed as beautifully as possible. The elements of a living area are quite standard: the sofa, a coffee table, the TV and possibly an entertainment system, and a few home furnishings such as a carpet or a lamp. This first living room is posh and quite stylish. The use of wood and a light color scheme made the room look bright and alive. Big throw pillows and the carpet added the texture to the whole room. The shelves are illuminated making it look chic.
1 For those with the luxury of having a spacious apartment, the most common design theme is modern contemporary because there is a sense of style and luxury to it. Take for instance, this living room, which is every bit elegant and stylish. Texture is evident in the carpet and L-shaped sofa. The use of white as the main color helped in maintaining a bright yet quiet look to the space. By using wood as another element, the living area looked every bit posh and chic.
8 The walk in wardrobe is separated from the bedroom via swing doors. This allows easy access from one room to the other. The white cabinets and shelves make the area look pristine and sophisticated and is well complemented by the chandelier and the black seat.