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1 Achieving the perfect look for the home you’ve worked so hard for is one of the best things in life. The moment you see the fruit of your labor, there is this sense of fulfilment that just exudes from you. This is the story of the owner of this lovely flat we are featuring today. Just by looking at the living room, the concept of the designer is modern contemporary. The choice of colors is muted in gray and black but the touch of blue makes the area come alive. The area is spacious and blends with the veranda and the dining area as if it were just one whole space put together.
1 Scandi-industrial homes are quite the rage these days with home owners. Majority of them ask their designers to design their apartments in a way that is stylish, yet fuss-free at the same time. The challenge at times is when home owners ask for a twist in the concept so their apartment can stand out from the rest. This home in particular is Scandi-industrial in look and feel but one  can also see Western influences in the design, here and there. The living area alone looks very spacious and Westernized with the white sofa and plush carpet. Ornaments and home decor are also Western in approach and placement, making the space stand out.
1 More and more home owners are shifting to industrial design for their homes. This is because it works best for the fast-paced lifestyle people lead. This apartment opted to go for the industrial look with the choice of colors and accents. The living area looks stylish and chic mainly because of the TV feature wall that is made of bricks. Cream-based colors usually make a space look rich and trendy. The theatre lights and the use of a soft L-shaped sofa make the living area look bigger.
1 To cop the look of elegance and the feel of a modern vibe, certain elements such as texture and color scheme have to work well together. More often than not, there is a big chance that one will not get the look he wants to achieve because the elements don’t blend well with each other. It gets even trickier if the color used for the living room is grey because it is often described as drab and dreary, and not remotely close to anything modern and chic. This is not the case for this living area because the texture of the different decors and furnishings complemented well despite the choice of wood flooring. It leaves one thinking that the owner has a refined taste in life.
klein interiors Living One of the many aspects of a modern urban home is the pop of color it can incorporate into its interiors or overall design theme. This is evident in the living and dining rooms of this HDB BTO apartment. Both areas share one big space making them sync with each other. Two lazy boy chairs are the best furnishings for the living area while the colorful chairs.