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1 If you’re always on the go and don’t like to be bothered with too much fuss, this apartment is perfect for you. This work station also doubles as an area where you can rest. This space can also be your bed room. A bed is situated on top of a platform with a countertop serving as your workstation. The use of dark wood makes the space look modern and elegant at the same time despite the lack of home furnishings and decor.
1 One of the best things about getting an interior designer to help you out with the look of your home is that ultimately, you have a place that you would love to go home to every single day. One of the most common design themes to use is modern contemporary which is evident in this apartment. The living room is simple yet exudes a subdued kind of elegance. The color scheme is not loud and all furnishings match well with each other. The L-shaped sofa makes the room seem larger than it actually is, and the rug complements and adds depth to the space. The choice of decor is also minimal, just to make sure that nothing is overdone.
masterbedroom The masters’ bedroom features dark wood panels and yellow lighting that is inviting and relaxing at the same time. A large, chocolate brown, double cabinet serves  as both a partition to the main bedroom and a walk-in closet of sorts. It creates the illusion of bigger space in the room and adds more life to an otherwise dead corner.
1 We couldn’t be more ecstatic with this project because it looks absolutely gorgeous. The designer decided to go for a mix of both modern contemporary and Scandinavian industrial, and getting an awesome looking unit fit for any young professional or bachelor. Clean and streamlined furnishings and decor with a pop of color here and there adorn the whole flat.
1 Everyone dreams of having a home that feels like you live in a hotel. The ambiance is luxurious, posh and stylish. These are the same adjectives that come to mind when you enter this condo unit. Designed with the modern contemporary theme in mind, the overall feel is just wonderful. The living area looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Posh and comfortable sofa seats adorn the space. A black coffee table sits atop a rug that gives the area its rich look. The plants adds texture and drama to the space.