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1 Scandinavian design is always a welcome treat. When fused together with industrial concepts, the look it conveys is modern, creative and chic. Starting families or young couples will appreciate the overall design for its ingenuity and value for space and streamlined interiors. The living area here for instance invites the homeowner to laze the whole day. The cement grid stucco feature wall provides for the best backdrop to the TV. The white walls give the feeling of vast space to a small abode. The use of minimalist furniture completes the look of the room.
1 There is always a sense of comfort when a designer makes use of wood and brick as materials to design the look of a home. These two when combined make a studio unit look bigger and give it the feel of affluence and modernity. The trick is in making sure that the colors don't clash and the texture of the home decors and furnishings sync well together. The sofa in this area for instance, blends well with the overall design of the unit and the brick wall on the right provides for the perfect design accent for the studio.

Mood Board: 

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] photo PhotoGrid_1450425974740_zpsmjp5mnfk.jpg Mood Board - Whites[/caption] As my BTO completion date drawing nearer after waiting for almost 4 years, suddenly, I got a slight pang of anxiety regarding the interior design. Putting my worry aside, I finally be able to sit down and start browsing through some ideas to add to my mood board after months of being busying myself planning for my own wedding and taking a good recent vacation break away to Cairns. 
urban habitat pan boathouse nursery 1 The nursery is a slight departure from the vivid and pastel colors used for the rest of the interior. The signature mark is the “faux sky”, achieved by finishing a wall in black and adding LED lights mimicking stars. 
dc vision design contemporary living area shoes cabinet And even before you get to the living area, the designer welcomes you to comfortably enjoy the entry hall. The shoes cabinet has been used as a faux wall, separating the entry hall from the living area.