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de style interior simple modern cozy master bedroom 1 When you go for a cozy home, simplicity is your best friend. Using neutral colors is your best approach, and the result, is often a stunning, simple and visually appealing interior. Long floating desk gives you the writing space and storage without looking cramped. 
interior doctor contemporary liivng area stairs As with most apartments, the designer had a challenging time working with quite a small space. This is why he made the living area as the focal point of this home, by installing a raised platform which took advantage of the high ceiling of the flat. In an instant, the space looked elegant and fabulous. 
weiken scandinavian industrial blue color living area What is common for both Scandinavian and industrial style is the use of neutral colors, mostly white and cream colors for the background of the interior. In this case, however, the designer adds a twist by using more lively colors. 
aart boxx industrial edgefield plains 2 From the moment you enter the apartment, this HDB BTO 4-room industrial theme is quite obvious. What is subtle, however, are the modern touches that give the apartment its true beauty and visual appeal. 
inzz studio modern all white kitchen For the kitchen, the designer sticks to the same approach for light and neutral colors for the carpentry work. What stands out, are the bar table chairs. But nothing would be possible without the light brown finishing for the lower kitchen elements.