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designscale simple scandinavian entry hall Less is more is the best way to describe this interior. The designer has cleaned the space from all the clutter, leaving clean, pure and simple space to work with. 
design chapterz modern contemporary wooden touch entry From the moment you enter the apartment, it is obvious that this isn’t your everyday modern contemporary interior. Unlike other modern contemporary interiors, the color scheme is darker with more brown shades. 

If your new flat is at SkyTerrace Dawson, you will be glad to know that you are able to hack some walls to redesign your home to get the space you deserve and need for your family. To start with, this living and dining area is...

voila scandinavian industrial living area Another completed project featuring the scandinavian industrial design at Sunshine Gardens, where the designer uses a mix of Scandinavian and industrial style to make the interior visually appealing. 

From the moment you enter the apartment, you feel you are surrounded by luxury and sophistication. Something like when you enter a five star hotel. But this isn’t a hotel, it is your normal HDB flat with a open concept kitchen! Draperies and flooring are what...