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12829480_832002150239645_7569461442886228106_o You just got your keys and discovered you can't walk after putting your queen size bed. The trick here is to build a platform bed so you will have more space to move around and also create hidden storages to put your stuffs.

A simple home does not need to be a dull home. It can still be cozy with the right use of interior designs, furniture and overall design. 

Check out this platform bed that allows for hidden storages to maximise space usage. The quirky colors that are brought together by the interesting interiors is perfect for this room. The absence of doors that lead into every room is also another interesting piece of this...


When creating a home, the first things that come into mind are comfort and ease. One would prefer to live in a home that is spacious and comfortable rather than one that is cluttered and congested.

de style 1 Most of the posts we share on this site circulate around white washed homes or homes that are very modernized. In today's post, we are going to still focus on another angle of sophisticated homes that are also a good design idea especially for someone who is not such a fan of the white on white trends.