HDB BTO 4-Room Modern Living @ Fernvale
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urban habitat HDB BTO 4-Room Modern Living Fernvale

HDB BTO 4-Room Modern Living @ Fernvale

Urban and cultural apartment, on first glance it looks like your everyday, common interior design. But dig deeper, and you start noticing all the subtle elements that make the apartment feel special, unique and full with positive energy.

As always, the main room is the living room. And in there, the theme is simple, but unconventional. Simple beauty is the look that the designer strives for, and is mostly evident by the club tables and the wooden chair.

And since nothing is conventional, even the tree is placed in a water aquarium.

In the kitchen, simplicity continues with the forms and shapes of the elements. But the beauty and the trick is, there are no two same styles on the walls.

You’ve got the tiles, the wallpaper, and the nude clean white wall all next to each other. And the elements accompanying the wall blend together in a perfect harmony with the style used for the decoration of the wall.

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