HDB BTO 4-Room @ Woodlands Dew
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HDB BTO 4-Room @ Woodlands Dew

With the requirement of spacious visual to be created for the home owner, a choice of white had been decided on, together with elements of wood feel introduced. Living area looks ideally spacious despite having a full height TV storage cabinet replacement a simple TV feature wall & suspended console. You can see how spacious this living room is still as with the ceiling fan installed.

Looking for modern & classic designs but still wish to include a tinge of wood feel? Take a look at one of our latest HDB 4-Room project at Woodlands Dew.

Feature wall need not to be full height to hide out your messy wires. Having the feature wall well-aligned in between the ceiling and ground lengthens the visual of the room in a way. With the dresser incorporated with the suspended TV console, the dresser doesn’t seem to stand alone & not look awkward in position as such.

Instead of low height cabinets as an option for storage, cushion settees which come with storage is a good idea as well. Having cushion settees placed by the window area mimics the idea of bay windows seen in condominiums.

We make full uses of what has HDB provided to us into good ideas for you. For this unit, there is a low height wall noticed behind the sitting toliet bowl, & we’d made use of that to become an easy access area for daily used items. Designs for a vanity cabinet & a mirror cabinet was filled in for more storage purposes.

Do not want a vanity cabinet yet wanting more storage for daily used items? A simple mirror cabinet can be designed, with open shelves for minor displays or placement for fresheners, and you can have the rest enclosed for more personal storage.

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