HDB Resale 4-Room Modern White @ Tampines
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HDB Resale 4-Room Modern White @ Tampines

What you see here is a classic all white modern design, with just a little touch of Scandinavian. Minimalistic design is always a good option for an all white design, and the Scandinavian touches of natural, almost raw wood add a colorful element to the interior of the living area.

The living area and the dining room are combined in one room, but they have been separated by the color of the furniture. Or better said, the material. While the sofa is made out of leather, the dining area is all about wood and connection with the nature.

Tiles flooring works good in this setting, and since the chosen color is white for the tiles as well, the room is as bright as possible. Several artificial light sources only emphasize the brightness of the room.

The kitchen is another example of two rooms combined into one. The kitchen features a laundry area, but the area has been clearly separated by one small wall. The L shape of the kitchen is on pair with the latest trends for interior design.

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