HDB Resale 4-Room Scandinavian Industrial At Blk 106 Bishan
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HDB Resale 4-Room Scandinavian Industrial At Blk 106 Bishan

design chapterz scandi industrial living area
This is a HDB resale 4-room project at blk 106 bishan street 12. The basic theme of the interior is a mixture of Scandinavian and industrial style, achieved by mixing wooden laminates with cement like sections. 

We see the cement – wood mixture in almost every room, but it is in the details and the craftsmanship that the beauty of the interior comes to life.

In the living area, for example, we see excellent creativity and feel for the space, as the designer has combined the TV feature wall with the dining section. Installing a desk chair from the TV feature wall, the designer adds a small wooden table to make it work.

In the master bedroom, the designer creates wonderful mix of the theme by using cement like inspiration for the flooring.

The kitchen is another unique section of the apartment. In most modern and contemporary kitchens, we see the furniture elements glued to the floor. But not in this case, as the designer lets the element flow and leaves space underneath it. The wood-cement mixture is applied via upper and lower elements.

design chapters scandi industrial kitchen design chapters scandi industrial kitchen 1 design chapters scandi industrial common bedroom
design chapters scandi industrial master bedroom

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