HDB Woody Modern Concept @ Blk 178B Rivervale Cresent
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HDB Woody Modern Concept @ Blk 178B Rivervale Cresent

Dull colored designs introduced to your dream home may not lose out its classy looks. Despite a simple wood grain laminate with a smooth texture finish used on the feature wall, it became more outstanding with a match of the gloss white suspended TV console. Strips of full length clear mirrors was incorporated into the feature wall for lengthening the visuals of the actual short height ceiling in HDBs.

The living area doesn’t look as cramped as it was expected to turn out to be, all thanks to the big curve we’d constructed using the ceiling board. The cove light enhances the overall feel of the living area, making it more cosy than expected.

Dining area was kept simple with the full length mirror designed of the same depth of the dining table. This displayed a uniform contrast of the full height feature wall, together with the dining table.

The altar was designed to be slightly more to the modern end, whereby open shelves are incorporated on the sides for display, whereas the remaining spaces below the praying altar are kept enclosed for storage purposes.

Simplicity doesn’t mean you can’t produce eye ball appealing designs to your dream home.

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