HDB BTO 4-Room Contemporary Home At Punggol Way
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HDB BTO 4-Room Contemporary Home At Punggol Way

If you are looking for the epitome of a contemporary home, you have got to check out this HDB BTO contemporary home at Punggol. This beautiful interior, with all of its sleek and gorgeous features absolutely embodies the ideals of what it means to design a contemporary home.

Starting in the living room, the large white walls are broken up with mirrored and glass features to create an open yet cozy ambience. Black, white, and grey are the dominating, and in fact only colors in the pallet, which lines up perfectly with the contemporary philosophy. Simple furniture with sleek lines offer modern comfort for any activity.


The bedroom is where you get a bit of a different color pallet. Whites, blacks, and grays are not ideal for bedrooms, so in this room we see a sandy color theme with white and grey accents. The simple lines, when paired with small, colorful accessories create a relaxing bedroom environment without losing the contemporary feeling.

The small yet functional kitchen also incorporates white in its color pallet. The magenta accents create an energetic vibe without being overbearing. The modern appliances fit into the contemporary theme perfectly.

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