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Are You Frustrated of Getting 100-200 Leads a Month
But Not Getting Sales?
What if I Show You How To Get Sales
By Only Talking To Homeowners Who Are Interested In Your Designs?

Dear Interior Designer,


Have you tried calling homeowners only to find that over 20 ID companies have already contacted them? You have paid thousands a month to get these leads and yet they are unresponsive.


The reason is because most online lead generation websites shares the leads with all their advertisers. Therefore, if you are one of their advertisers, you are competing with many ID companies like yourself and probably have to “fight” with each other to get the sale.


At our platform, we advertise each of your portfolios so when homeowners see your designs and like them, they will contact/email you directly. In this way, you get exclusive leads and only speak to homeowners who are interested in your designs.


One of our advertiser, Absolook Interior Design has one of it’s portfolio went viral online after we share it on our Facebook page and web portal.


As a result, Absolook got many qualified leads through the exposure from our advertising platform.


The above traffic report of our web portal shows that we have over 3.1 million Pageviews & 1.3 million visits in 2015.


Homeowners visit our web portal to view your portfolios. As seen in the above “pageviews” report, each homeowner spends an average of 1 minute 23 seconds to view and read about your portfolio. This justifies how exlusive sales leads are generated for you.


Let me share a story of our advertiser Ivan Lin. He started his own company Aart Boxx in April 2014. Without much budget to advertise on magazine, he need to find a cost effective way of advertising his portfolios to get customers.


When I first approached Ivan and show him our web portal, he was excited but skeptical whether it could get him sales. I told him that he would only need to get 1 sale and he would get back many times his investment.


He trusted me, signed up the 1 year package and started putting his portfolios which consists of all 3D designs on our platform on 15th April 2014. In just 2 months, he closed 1 sale and get back all his advertising dollars plus more, and a list of potential customers.


​He is not the only one, Absolook has also closed some sales from our platform.​ Of course, not all of our advertisers have closed sales because we cannot control what kind of design ideas homeowners like.​


“Due to previous bad experiences, we think that this platform is similar to the rest and not able to give us quality leads. However, we actually managed to get one sale from this platform. And yes, we would recommend this service to other ID companies”. – Aevin, Absolook Interior Design Pte Ltd


But if your design ideas are good, then our platform could help you find customers just like what we did for Ivan, Absolook and 9 Degree.


If you are interested to find out more, Click Here to email us for a discussion or contact us at 9768 0834 .


Thomas Hoi
#1 Best Selling Coauthor of The Art & Science of Success