How To Do Space Planning For Your HDB BTO Flat
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How To Do Space Planning For Your HDB BTO Flat

In this video transcript, Shumin from Vegas interior design shows you how to do space planning for a HDB BTO 4-room flat.

So this is the foyer area, and right now, I’m intending to give him a platform area right over here. And then from here, we will extend a bit of this area, as he wants a open layout kitchen.

Then what I’m doing now is creating another platform for him. As he is an artist, he used to draw. He has a few art collections, so i think that this area can be made of cement screed, so that he can hang up all his art pieces here.

And then upon stepping down these stairs, he can have a sofa right here. And he should also have an island TV console, so that it doesn’t block any of his views here. And having an island TV console, upon entering the house, he wouldn’t be like having this view of a pillar blocking out his whole entire area. As this will make the area small when his intention was to expand the whole living area.

Even if he wants to have a L-shaped sofa, his island can be right here and then he will have a direct view to the TV, without even blocking up these spaces as well.

Part 2 of space planning for kitchen and master bedroom

So right now over here, we are going to make a housing for the fridge. This housing will hide the ugly feature of the fridge because all the wirings will be at the back. Right from this angle, you will not be able to see the wirings from the back.

Because this owner does not cook a lot, so I will just do a simple L-shape lower cabinet for him. This is where I will put his basin, and right beside the basin will be the hob.

Also in order to bring the kitchen out to the living room, I intend to give him an island right in the middle of the kitchen area. So it will extend from here to here. While doing this, I’m also making sure that he will have ample space enough to walk in. It’s a comfortable distance of 1m each and this isalnd also have like multipurpose dual function, because this area he can sit with his family to have dinner.

So there are a total of 4 people in his family…. So they can sit right here. Where this one can be his kitchen dry area workstation.

Regarding the flooring, I’m intending to give him vinyl flooring here. Because he used to be an artist, so he’s ok with different types of finishing and he doesn’t mind to have cement screeding floors. So the vinyl and the cement screeding floor will make a big contrast. So I will purposely stop the vinyl right here, so we can create a contrast and let this house stand out.

The vinyl will go all the way right across the hallway and into all his rooms. And then this area here will be cement screed and this is also cement screeded. Because the owner is not doing both of his rooms, so he will only do the master bedroom. And the only thing that he wants here is a long wardrobe, so because he is going to be buying a king size bed, so make sure that there is enough space to walk…..

So I will give him a bedside table here….. and another one here… and he can have his wardrobe right here….. He can even have a L-shape wardrobe if it’s not enough. Having a wardrobe here is also convenient  as he can change right after he come out of the toilet.

So this will be the finish product of the whole house…. he doesn’t need any renovation work in his both toilet because he likes a bit of the industrial concept… So I think it will be good to just change some of the pipings and just change some of the colours inside to paint over the pipes or something…. to enhance the concept and that’s all.

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