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You are going to collect your keys soon but have no idea how to design your home? This article will show you 10 living room designs that will help in your home renovation. 1. The Minimalist Look The minimalist trend is increasingly being adopted by home owners as...

1 One of the design secrets of interior designers in achieving a clean, streamlined, yet elegant look is to incorporate wood and carpentry into the home. There is a big difference when wood is the main material used, especially when partnered with the right color palette. The shoe cabinet looks more like a decorative cabinet than its main purpose. The use of white wood panels with black stripes made the storage area look better than ever. By having a hollow part in the middle and a small sofa at the side attached, the cabinet became multifunctional altogether. The door which is also made of wood completed the look of the whole space.
1 Living rooms are the main attraction of any home. This is where the homeowner entertains his guests, that is why this area should be designed as beautifully as possible. The elements of a living area are quite standard: the sofa, a coffee table, the TV and possibly an entertainment system, and a few home furnishings such as a carpet or a lamp. This first living room is posh and quite stylish. The use of wood and a light color scheme made the room look bright and alive. Big throw pillows and the carpet added the texture to the whole room. The shelves are illuminated making it look chic.

One of the many gripes of homeowners is the lack of space in their apartments. The solution is actually simple and there are so many tricks that one can use to make guests think that your space is bigger than it appears to be. One trick...