To build a City of Design, The 2022 China Manufacturing Design Conference was held in Chongqing

To build a City of Design, The 2022 China Manufacturing Design Conference was held in Chongqing

On July 28, as one of the important activities of the 2022 Expo, the 2022 China Manufacturing Design Conference and Yuelai International Design Forum was held in Yubei, Chongqing. Many domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises and design masters gathered together to empower manufacturing design and contribute ideas for the construction of Chongqing “Design City”.

On the morning of the same day, the opening ceremony of the conference held 2021 “Zhibo Cup” China (Chongqing) Industrial Design Competition award ceremony, national industrial design center, China-Singapore (Chongqing) Industrial Design Industrial Demonstration Park, the world Green Design Park was officially awarded, the world Design Industrial Park was officially launched, a series of investment projects were also signed simultaneously.

It is worth mentioning that there are international figures in the contracted projects. Li Xiaomeng from Singapore Industrial design and Research Institute told the first eye reporter, Chongqing has developed for many years in the field of industrial design, not only six industrial clusters, there are many outstanding industrial design enterprises. He hopes to expand the Chinese market through the deal, as well as cooperate with universities and enterprises in Chongqing.

After the opening ceremony, the main forum focused on the theme of “Design enables intelligent manufacturing”, and invited prominent guests in the field of Chinese and foreign design, including Liu Ning, president of China Industrial Design Association, Zhao Chao, vice president of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, and Luca, a famous Italian designer, to share their “golden ideas” on the development of industrial design. In addition, two sub-forums on the theme of “Italian Design for a Better Life” and “Smart Design for a Future City” will be held in the afternoon.

In China industrial design association, Liu ning, it seems, on the development of design industry of Chongqing, has very good industrial base, industrial structure and the development also has the innovation lead, so the design of Chongqing upland building, both the design and the development of the industrial structure, especially the rise of Oriental design heights, has obvious symbolism. He suggested that in the development process of building the “design city”, Chongqing should seize the global design voice in the era of intelligent interconnection and big data, initiate the establishment of international design industry organization, build a national industrial design research institute, and improve the design policy and the development environment and ecology of the design industry. This, he believes, is crucial to whether design can be developed and used to empower the industry in the future.

Economy and information committee, said in the future, Chongqing will also speed up the industrial design with intelligent integration of building industry, and strive to in 2025, built to cultivate more than 15 more than 1 state-level industrial design center, national industrial design and research institute, more than 200 municipal industrial design center, the 1000 excellent industrial designer, create three design all industrial park area, To build a demonstration support for western industrial design with outstanding innovation, distinctive features, perfect systems and in-depth integrated development, radiating the development of western industrial design and better serving the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing twin city economic circle.

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